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Zinc Casting Surface Finished

Zinc alloy die casting products in order to prevent surface oxidation and the appearance is only superficial. Zinc alloy material properties that well to accept the material surface treatment affordable. So, the usual surface treatment, what does?

As follows:
1: Baked paint (baking enamel) baked paint is a kind of modern technology, the use of paint and then use the high temperature heat quickly paint will penetrate the surface of the material was baked, baked paint device specified by a customer should be the equipment end of the use of poison gas recovery equipment will be toxic substances quickly to accept to be ruled out. This process allows the paint is not easy to fade off, partly because of harmful substances of the paint already baked paint process is absorbed exclude, so in the future use will not be released into the atmosphere, the people and the environment can be reduced to a minimum.

2: phosphating (phosphatizing) is a chemical and electrochemical reactions is the formation of the phosphate chemical conversion coating process, the formation of phosphate conversion coating is called a phosphate film. The aim is to give the base metal to provide protection to prevent the metal is corrupt to a certain extent. For the primer before painting, powder coating or electrophoresis, to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability.

3: (chromating) chromate solution and metal effects on the surface of the trivalent or hexavalent chromium layer process used for the processing of zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy and the appearance of decorative surface treatment, such as : car handle, sanitary products, construction (decorative) metal, door and window handles. The same time, the chromium can be divided into the following categories (color) sand chrome, matt chrome,Shiny chrome, pearl chrome (painted pearl chrome), the ancient green (antique brass) and so on.

4: electrostatic powder (electrostatic powder spraying) in order to avoid the paint defects, the introduction of the electrostatic powder coating technology. Electrostatic powder coating is a new technology, the principle is the high-voltage electrostatic spray resin powder paste on the base metal surface, forming a protective film. This layer of protective film itself is environmentally safe, In addition, the protective film can also be sealed to the metal surface of the substrate to prevent the release of harmful objects. This new type of "solid paint" instead of liquid paint, which is characterized by the release of formaldehyde and other harmful gases can also be recycled. The same time, it can produce rich, saturated colors can be sprayed to any pattern, is very suitable to use.

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